Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happybutsad face

I died today because I was searching the exit in my cave for about 20 minutes, I felt down accidentally. First I heard "ouch" and then the famous "psssssss BOOM" :(. Thanks to MiniMap Mod I knew the coordinates of the place where I died then I went there and took my items (I had about 60 iron ores, so it'd be sad if I lost it).

I've also found my first diamond when I was looking for a slime because I heard "FAP FAP FAP".

I must find a way to mark the way to exit. I think that "redstone road" would be good, what do you think? Because the MiniMap Mod shows the surface only.

 He's watching...
 Now I'm watching...
 OMG IRON! But how to get through?
 A dark and scary cave
 Diamonds, I'm lovin' it.
 Slime window
 I had taken this screenshot and then I felt down, le fu-
 He jumped into lava just a second after I took this screen
 What are your last words?
I've met this slime when I respawned after death and went to take my items. It hadn't been there before I died.


  1. looks like a fun day in minecraft, except the pssssss boom dead part, hehe

  2. Ohh this is getting to exciting!

  3. haha nice comments below pictures :D
    cool blog, will follow a minecrafter!

  4. I LOVE MINECRAFT! Just bough it yesterday! So addicting!

  5. I need to actually get off my ass and buy this game. I could see myself becoming obsessed with it though!

  6. loling at the pics. I'd definitely get into minecraft if I had some spare cash. Everything's going into the education as of now. Keep up the good posts!

  7. This minecraft thing looks addicting. Gonna buy me a copy!