Thursday, April 7, 2011

My little friend

Today I found a wolf! I had to give him 4 bones but now he's with me. I haven't tested him in fight yet but his face looks high and he is very energic (he jumps all the time).

I've also tried to find some diamonds in my diamond mine but I think that they don't want to be found and they are hiding from me :(.

 An enemy wolf
 A friendly wolf
 He doesn't know how to enter his new home
 He defends my priceless items
 Redstone in my diamond mine, do not want
 My mine
 My mine 2
 More cobblestone, no diamonds
 High face
 His bed made of wool
That tower looks like a big tree

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

House with tower

Hi, today I decided to use worthless cobblestone and make something useful or uncommon of it, so I've built a tower on my house. I changed the difficulty because it took a while to build and I didn't want to die or to have my tower destroyed by a creeper. Now I have to obtain more cobblestone to make more towers and maybe the whole castle : D?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Diamond mine

I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything since 2-3 days. I had a very busy weekend. But I'm back!

Today I was looking for a new mine but I couldn't find anything, so I decided to make a diamond mine. I read that diamonds spawn on layer 10-16 and according to this I've made my mine on layer 13. You will see how many blocks of cobblestone I've got from there but NO diamonds :S. Maybe I'll try to find something tomorrow.

I've got some bad news too. Minecraft is lagging more than it used to. I don't know what is the cause but it makes the game hard to play and it doesn't help in blogging...

 A creeper
 A small underground lake
 If I had destroyed this block above, I would have died :(
 The diamond mine - preparation
 There were totally 5 or 6 blocks of it \o/

 A weird bug which happened not first time
 I dig to my mine through diamond mine, lol
 I've destroyed 9*64+23+64+43 blocks and no diamonds...
My bedroom

Friday, April 1, 2011

A few tricks in Minecraft

At first I'd like to apologize for not posting anything yesterday. I had a busy day. But the blog will be still updated. I try to update it everyday but school and some other things unable me.

Since I don't have much time at the moment, I've decided to tell you about a few helpful things in Minecraft. Some of them are legal and some are "illegal". I'll explain it later. As an experienced player you probably know all of them but I want to help fresh players.

I didn't do anything worth to tell today apart from finding few diamonds. I haven't met volves yet :(.

 The diamonds I've found
 First trick. Press F3 to turn on some kind of debug mode. Here you can see your FPS (frames per second), coordinates, memory usage etc. but it's a wallhack too. If there's a monster behind a wall, you will see a number above its head. You can use it to find dungeons and with this mode you can go almost everywhere without any equipment (helmet etc.) because monsters won't surprise you. For me it isn't a trick but a cheat. Wallhack makes game very easy to play.
If you play on peaceful, it won't help you.
 Always carry a bucket with water and a bucket with lava with you. Water can help you go through some lava caves and lava can help you kill monsters but you won't get loot from them (items burn in it).
 Maybe you can't clearly see but I've just spillt water on lava, so it is a safe cave now.
 Another diamond
 NEVER dig directly under you! If I had stood a block further and dug under me, I'd have fallen into lava. Always dig the block near you, then stand on it and dig the block you were standing a moment before etc.
 Always carry cobblestone/dirt/some other easy destructible block, so you can jump out of a hole or block lava/water current.
 You jump and then you place a block under you.
 You did it!
 Here I wanted to show you how to find mob spawners behind walls but couldn't take a screenshot when I pressed "F" so I'll show how to see it for yourself.
 Place a torch in a tunnel.
Then wall that torch up, don't turn anywhere and press "F". You should see a fire through the wall. You will see a fire too if there's a mob spawner behind a wall. It is also helpful if you want to see have you been in some place before but you don't want to mine through the wall. You will see your torches. Remember that you can't see through as many blocks as you want.