Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Such a boring day

Today nothing interesting happened. I've made a stone stairs from surface to layer 20~ because it was annoying. If I wanted to go up, I would have to jump. Now I can just walk \o/.

The second good thing is that I've found a lot of coal. Now I have almost 3 stacks of coal.

I've made myself a bow and some arrows, so now I am less scared of creepers, cause I can kill them from the distance.

When I find some mob spawners, maybe I'll post some tutorials how to make a trap. It may help some new players.

 Zombie window
 Lapus La... that blue dye
 Dead end
 Water cave
 I wish a creeper came here and blew all dirt up
 *yawn* coal...
 Scary big cave
 Current status
Stairway to heaven


  1. Yeah, use the big cave. This one looks pretty awesome!

  2. I'd be interested in seeing your trap design, so many cool ways to make one of those.

  3. Enjoy reading minecraft blogs, would really be interested in seeing some traps. I've made a few of my own. Good luck!

  4. Heck yes, I love minecraft!!
    Following you my good man

  5. "You always..." post great news my friend :) Wish you luck with more success in minecraft!

  6. Nice caps.
    Spooky cave indeed :o

  7. Another awesome minecraft blog, /followed

  8. Still havent tried this game but it looks pretty awesome! +1follower

  9. Believe me, even with bow and arrow creepers are creepy as fuck :3

  10. BORING? You found the awesome super rare lapis lazuli!

  11. I'll be curious to see what your trap tutorial is going to be like. Keep it up!

  12. Cool bro, that torch in the starway to heaven looks great

  13. Blue dye? I guess I really gotta play minecraft again... was too long ago. Keep 'em coming :)