Thursday, April 7, 2011

My little friend

Today I found a wolf! I had to give him 4 bones but now he's with me. I haven't tested him in fight yet but his face looks high and he is very energic (he jumps all the time).

I've also tried to find some diamonds in my diamond mine but I think that they don't want to be found and they are hiding from me :(.

 An enemy wolf
 A friendly wolf
 He doesn't know how to enter his new home
 He defends my priceless items
 Redstone in my diamond mine, do not want
 My mine
 My mine 2
 More cobblestone, no diamonds
 High face
 His bed made of wool
That tower looks like a big tree


  1. This game seems to have gotten a lot more complex, over time.

  2. Cool big freakin _Tree you got there at the end

  3. Love your wolf! I found two in a very small area but was immediately attacked by a zombie and a skeleton which ended in the death of one of my wolves. I might make a grave in memorial.

  4. Love the wolf update! So cool to not be so alone ingame anymore

  5. That's awesome that you got a wolf!

  6. Wolves were a great addition to the game.

  7. love your blog ! looking forward to next update

  8. I want to find a wolf too!

  9. sweet nothing like a companion